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Tobias Pugsley | News | August 07, 2017

At VisionAmp Marketing we take the relationships with our local educational institutions very seriously. We have goals to grow our advertising agency. To do that we need a talented workforce equipped with the necessary skills. That is why when Mountain Home Public Schools, Flippin Public Schools, ASU Mountain Home or any other local educational institution asks for help with something, we usually come running. We like telling students the VisionAmp story and how a couple of guys in an attic created one of the fastest growing companies in North Central Arkansas. We also like sharing our company culture with students and finding fun new ways to bring those students into our world. Plus, these guys have a LOT of good ideas. They are living and breathing technology, and their insight is often really helpful to us.

One of the ways we stay involved with local students is by participating in the Mountain Home Public Schools Internship Program. Recently we had the honor of hosting Ashlyn Paden as our spring semester intern. Ashlyn is a fantastic writer, so as part of her internship I asked her to write a blog post about her experience as an intern to be featured on our agency blog. 

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Ashlyn Paden

During the 2015-2016 school year, I had the privilege of interning at VisionAmp Marketing. VisionAmp is a company that specializes in branding, web design and marketing located in Mountain Home, Arkansas. In order for me to get this internship, I had an interview with Tobias Pugsley, Chief Marketing Officer, and Loretta Gomez, CFO/HR Manager. After I completed the interview process they decided to let me intern and I started the following Monday. 

My first assignment was moving content where I would be given an old website of a company and then a new website of the company, designed by VisionAmp. I would then copy and paste parts of the old website content into the content management system of the new website. I would often times add specific keywords in content and rewrite it so that it helped the website rank better in search engines. 

Another assignment I worked on was content writing, where I would get a chance to write blog posts about various products or services. My writing has become better because of this internship and I have become more comfortable with content writing. I had to research topics, and then write an informative and accurate piece on the related content.

Another exciting project I was assigned was helping finish the sports pages on the new Bomber website, which VisionAmp created. I found some pictures to upload of different sports (volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, etc.) and wrote some content for the sports pages. Given all these projects and content I helped with, I became more knowledgeable of how marketing works and what is expected of the everyday work schedule in this type of work. One of my favorite parts of the internship was getting to visit with Hannah Chapman, the graphic designer. She taught me a lot about design and was always open about discussing the details of her job. It caused me to be more interested in graphic design and she gained a new follower on Pinterest because I loved her ideas so much. If you are interested in graphic design or marketing, I highly suggest you intern at VisionAmp. I enjoyed my time there and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with some of the amazing and friendly people there!


Thank you Mountain Home Public Schools for sending us your best and brightest students! Good luck Ashlyn Paden - we know you will do great things! 
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