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SERIES: Your website isn’t working because…#1 UNPROFESSIONAL DESIGN

Greg Alexander | Web Design | May 07, 2018

If you own a business, then you understand that the world we live in today is without a doubt competitive. Because of the pressure to stay on top of trends and emerging technology, many businesses throw together a website without regard to the design, content, and logistics. Price and time dictate decisions. However, not all websites are created equal and some may even be hurting your business. 

In our new blog series, “It’s not working because,” VisionAmp will break down the obstacles that could be standing between your business’s dysfunctional website and one that brings in business and quality leads. 


What do people use the Internet for? There are different reasons out there; however, the number one reason is to find information. Users go to their favorite search engine, type their search criteria, and receive a list of different web options. 

Let’s say that your website is one of the first few to pop up. The customer clicks the link to your homepage…and quickly clicks the back button. But why? 

A website with an unprofessional design is one of the biggest problems plaguing those who create their own website or purchase a cheaper template style site. Here are the top characteristics of an unprofessional website and why future clients could be turned off. 


Although you may see clothing trends from the 1990s making their way through the trendy clothing stores, having an outdated website that takes you a decade back in time is a major “no, no.” 

What makes a website look outdated? Outdated websites stand out due to their overall appearance. The background looks like it could have been someone’s Myspace background with repeating images or themes. Content is usually centered in a box format with way too much text and small, outdated images. 


There is nothing worse than going to a site that takes forever to load. Users grow impatient quickly, click off, and find another site. When the website finally loads, many people find themselves looking for information only to discover outdated information or the dreaded “coming soon” text. 

In order to create a more professional website, it is important to keep your users, potential customers, happy and satisfied with their overall user experience. If you don’t have time to create content for a page or keep it updated, then delete it. Making sure your customers can get the information they came for is an important first step in creating a potential lead. 


Did you copy and paste a bunch of the images on your website? DON’T! 

Do you have misspellings on your home page? PROOFREAD!

Is it easy for users to contact you? Customers expect to be able to contact a business or know where they are located if they have any issues or need to speak to someone in person. Clear contact details and easy way to reach you is a must. 

If your website is guilty of any of these design flaws, then a website makeover is just what your business needs. Give VisionAmp Marketing a call today at 855.862.5491 or visit our ONLINE PORTFOLIO to see for yourself the quality website designs we have built for others. Don’t go another day with a website that doesn’t work.