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Branding is everything. Your logo, your business card, how your staff answers the phone, your website, and your social media accounts are just a few small things that are a part of the big picture of branding. It’s not only the message you want to deliver to your customer, but it’s also how your customer sees you. 

At VisionAmp Marketing, we want to help you create the voice of your business. We want to help you create your BRAND! 


I have a business card. I have this branding thing down. It’s so easy to fall into to the everyday routines and do what it takes to just get through the week. However, it’s going to take more than handing out a few business cards to make your business into a household name. 

Yes, branding does have the ability to increase your ability to be recognized, but it does so much more if done well. Here at VisionAmp Marketing, we know the importance of branding and want to not only increase recognition, but also help you build credibility and trust. We know trust adds value to your business, and value will help bring in customers. 


When it comes to branding, there are several branding strategies that can help your business flourish. Here at VisionAmp Marketing, we know that every business is unique; therefore, we take the time to put together branding strategies that are a perfect fit. 


There are several types of branding out in the world of marketing. However, there are three basic types of branding: corporate, product, and personal. 

  • Corporate branding revolves around the parent company, the main business. 

  • Product branding revolves around a product or set of products. 

  • Personal branding revolves around an individual. 

At VisionAmp Marketing, we are prepared to take on all types of branding. Whether you are a larger corporation or an individual running for office, we can create a successful branding strategy that will get you the recognition you want and deserve. 


At VisionAmp, we are good at what we do. Here are a few examples of branding we have offered to our clients. 







There are many branding companies out there that make big promises about what they offer and what they do. Here at VisionAmp Marketing we know what we can do and keep our promises to be the very best. 

We know your brand is a part of who you are. Let VisionAmp Marketing take your brand to the next level by providing a consistent brand and branding marketing strategy that will help build a strong name for you and your business and set you apart from the competition.

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