VisionAmp Web Design
416 W. Wade Ave.
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653


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About Our Company

We pursue excellence, thrive in genius and expect innovation. Every motive, goal, desire and vision is driven by the fundamental belief that by working hard to make our clients successful, will ultimately bring success to us. We do not track every hour like an accounting firm, because we believe that brighter ideas are more than just a line item on a billing statement. We are passionate about what we do. We are full of fresh ideas. We see results. We are transparent. We believe that the right team of people, using the right skill set, passion and talent is the essential core of our success. Instead of a culture of process adherence, we choose a culture of creativity and self-discipline, freedom and responsibility.

Our Team

Greg Alexander
Greg Alexander

Owner/Lead Developer

Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson

Chief Web Officer

Susannah Alms
Susannah Alms

Sr. Project Manager

Amber Nelson
Amber Nelson

Traffic Coordinator

Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller

Graphic Designer

Lee Scholl
Lee Scholl

Junior Programmer


We refuse to be sold the lie that to be "professional" requires nothing less than a suit and tie. Instead, we believe that success is found in the wake of transparency, in the shadow of a real person that truly and genuinely takes interest and stock in the success of the client. Service with a smile, a firm handshake, values taught by our fathers and generations past help to share the future of our interactions and business practices.

We are committed to deliver tangible value, honor our promises, own up to our mistakes, continually push the limits of our talent, treat people with the same respect that we wish to be treated, never forgetting where we came from and what we believe, and always have a clearly defined plan to get where we are going.

We will hold our commitment true by keeping our core values.

  • Brilliance
  • Communication
  • Impact
  • Curiosity
  • Genius (innovation)
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Honesty
  • Selflessness