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Marketing research is often times the most overlooked aspect of the overall marketing strategy. VisionAmp uses a wide variety of capabilities to better understand how, when and where to position a brand to create the greatest return on the client's investment. Focus group testing, usability testing and utilizing third party studies are just some of the ways we help clients find the most efficient and effective ways to market their businesses.  


Digital marketing is the measurable and interactive marketing of products and services using online technologies to reach and converts visitors into new customers who you maintain. We're here to boost your brand and show you an increase in sales through digital marketing. 

With the help of digital marketing, your business has clear and realistic strategic goals. Goals might include to gain new customers or enhance relationships with your current customers. We determine your customer profiles and behavior, competitors and more. We utilize Google Analytics and other forms of website user feedback tools to better analyze your results and come up with solutions to any weaknesses you might have. Digital media works best when it is integrated with traditional forms of media. You can trust your hard earned dollars with us. We can help you gain and maintain your online audiences.


Traditional media includes many forms of advertising and marketing such as: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other print publications. It's known as the "old media," but still remains effective marketing to this day. We hear and see these advertisements every day. 

From Baby Boomers who turn on their favorite Oldies radio station to sports enthusiasts to Gen Y Millennials tuning into the highly anticipated drama TV series. 

This form of media has a targeted reach. More people are picking up their mobile devices for the latest news, and traditional news outlets are capitalizing on this audience. 

As digital and social media have launched new and innovative channels of communication, traditional media will continue to live and remain a trusted source for current and past information.