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Marketing Research

How exactly does our market research work? At VisionAmp, we utilize various tests and data to interpret the best way to market your business in a unique and incomparable way. We take our time to obtain accurate information about your local market so we can understand your competitors and your potential and existing customers. 

There are two different types of data that are involved with marketing research – primary and secondary information. Primary information comes from things such as questionnaires or surveys. This information is good for knowing specific problems or details. By conducting initial research, we can get an accurate vision of the local market. 

Secondary information is more general than primary information. Secondary information is obtained through third party studies such as national journals or local newspapers. This information can give us a better idea of the national market, not just the local market. If your company serves the entire country, secondary research can benefit you. 

Once we have an accurate idea of the market through our research, we can then help you with a marketing plan and marketing ideas that will bring your business to the top. Our marketing team can help you choose the best type of marketing that suits your needs from digital marketing to traditional marketing and branding.


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