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Online Video Advertising

Any video uploaded to YouTube can become a video ad to promote your business. VisionAmp offers online video advertising services that range from filming and editing your video to working with media outlets like YouTube to promote it. If you think YouTube advertising might be a right fit for your business let VisionAmp take it and make it a success. 

As with our other advertising services, our video advertising can be shown on which websites you choose. If you are a local company and want your video shown on YouTube only to local consumers, we can make that happen. 

Online video advertising acts the same way commercials do with television. When a video is streamed online through YouTube or almost any other website, you can place an ad before the video. Sometimes, there are video ad spots throughout or after the video as well. 

To start you off with your video marketing, we will assist you in coming up with creative ideas that will capture the audience’s attention. Then, we will move on to the production phase and begin filming your advertisement with our talented team. After we have your online video ad filmed, we will edit the video and have it ready to be put on the Internet for potential customers to view.

Video advertising is an increasingly popular form of advertisement on the Internet. With so many websites that stream videos, having ads before a consumer can watch the video is a smart choice. Let VisionAmp take your video visions and help turn them into a reality with our online video advertising services.


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