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Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a great tactic for small business marketing to use as a means of directional signage or to help generate local awareness. Let VisionAmp help you work with the billboard advertising companies to ensure that you get the best possible placement to reach your goals. As experts in the outdoor advertising space, VisionAmp will design compelling creative for your billboard advertising or digital billboard advertising project that will make potential customers take notice. 

Because of how much people use cars today, billboard advertising is an excellent way to promote your business. All of us have seen billboards – they are big and noticeable, and it’s hard to not read what’s on them. This is a huge advantage of having billboards because people will see them, no matter what. This isn’t necessarily true for print advertisements, or even some online advertisements.

Another benefit of having your business on local billboards is that people around town will begin to associate your company with your service, even if they don’t intend to. The mind does this subconsciously because the person drives the same route to work every day. Eventually, they’ll have your billboard and business name memorized, which can increase your business if they ever need your service.

You can also choose (based on availability) where you want your billboard advertisement to be placed. If your store is located down the road from your billboard, that might help lure in potential customers. When restaurants have billboards that say “2 miles on your right”, you’ll keep that in mind and look for that restaurant while you’re driving. The same thing can apply to your store.

With the help of VisionAmp, we can work with billboard advertising agencies to help you create and place your billboard(s). As always, we will provide you with a creative and unique design that potential customers won’t forget.


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