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Radio Advertising

In local markets, radio advertising can still be a great promotional tool to drive business to your storefront or website. To ensure that your radio ad coincides with your marketing campaign, VisionAmp will help you write the script, choose the music and find that perfect voice over talent to make your next radio advertisement a hit with customers.

Radio advertising is a very popular way to promote your business locally. Because people spend a lot of times in their cars, radio ads are a successful way to get the public informed about your product or service. They are so popular because radio advertising costs are relatively low compared to some other forms of advertisement, and they play often so people hear the ads over and over. This work in favor of your business because when people hear your catch phrase or jingle enough times, they will begin to remember your business. 

Based on what you are advertising and what your business is, we can help you decide if you want to purchase 60-second spots, 15-second spots or a combination of the two. We will also help you stick to your marketing plan and remain consistent with any other advertising you might have, so you can keep your unique brand name. 

When you choose VisionAmp Marketing to help create your radio ad, we will help you through the entire process. We will make sure your script is aimed toward the right audience, and that it answers the most important question a radio listener wants answered – “Why should I choose your business?” 

If you want music or a jingle to go along with your radio ad, we got that covered. If you don’t want to speak in the advertisement, we can find someone who you think sounds perfect for the job. 

:30 Radio Spot - TLC Bank "Small bank, big service"

:30 Radio Spot - TLC Bank "Think and thank local"


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