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How Adding a Website Video Will Grow Your Business
How Adding a Website Video Will Grow Your Business
May 7, 2018
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It has been said that video is the ideal format for quickly grabbing users' attention, and that this fact is now more important than ever, because most online buyers conduct their own research before they ever even bother to contact a vendor. This makes it crucial to get user attention as quickly as possible through video advertising and marketing. You need to engage users with content that is compelling enough to entertain and educate users about products or services offered.


It is now considered virtually a foregone conclusion that online video ads will become the single most popular form of advertising in the near future, and that the play button on website videos will supplant all other calls to action on a website as being by far the most important, and most used. Marketing research shows that one of the current most powerful drivers of marketing strategy is analytics, i.e. the analysis of user activity on a website, coupled with an evaluation of the demographics of website visitors.

All of this leads to better targeting of purchasing users, as well as an assessment of exactly what appeals to them on any given website. With the swift rise of video marketing, it's natural that video analytics would become the next red hot content marketing topic. Any company which understands the importance of video analytics, will have the opportunity to enjoy the serious push which all companies seek, to reach exactly the audience intended, by providing visitors with high quality content that is known to be appealing to them.

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The state of Arkansas has not been left out of this revolution. Video marketing in Arkansas is just as effective as video marketing in New York and California. There are professional videographers in Arkansas just as adept as their counterparts in some of the states typically thought of as commercial giants, and their understanding of the importance of video marketing is no less extensive. 

A progressive marketing consultant agency like VisionAmp will work with your company to ensure that your marketing strategy evolves in sync with the challenges of the times, and assist with the design and development of your marketing campaigns. VisionAmp can also help you with your digital marketing and video marketing, as well as your presence on social media, and your mobile presence as well. The bottom line on this high value consultancy is that your bottom line will be vastly improved, in the form of increased conversions, greater brand recognition and a more loyal following of customers.

Want more tips on improving your website and increasing traffic? Check out some of the great content we have in the BLOG section of our website. 

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