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Website Tracking and Analytics

What is the point of a new website if you don’t know what it’s doing? Tracking is a vital part of your website’s success. VisionAmp uses a variety of tools to track and monitor every site we build. We use analytics, heatmap tracking, and other website tracking tools to build and optimize our sites to increase conversion rates.

Website Tracking is your website’s best friend. The point of your website is to generate leads and convert them into sales. If your website isn’t doing what you want customers to do, then you’re not converting visitors into leads, and ultimately leads into sales.

Think about it like this, your goal is to get your customers to click on the blue button on the left side of your website advertising a free download. No one seems to be engaging with that button, but for some reason, you’re getting a lot of calls about your location. Well with our tracking, we can tell you why. We can see that there are three times the clicks on your contact page instead of on your download button. Why? Maybe it’s because of the location or the color. Either way, we can see where our visitors are going and making adjustments accordingly.

At VisionAmp, we pride ourselves on these successful website tracking services. We want to be able to let the numbers speak for themselves. We want to have proof that we know what we’re doing, which is why analytic website tracking is so important.


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