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High Risk
High Risk
February 22, 2023
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Webster defines “Risk” as "the possibility of loss or injury; peril; the chance of loss; or the perils to a person or thing." 

In the business world it is imperative that your company’s perception, reputation and image be correctly communicated and interpreted. With so much misinformation flooding the internet, entrepreneurs and business owners must do their best when it comes to using their website to portray the right image and communicate intelligently. While some choose the easy road, the quick fix, the instant template option, those who are serious about growing the company usually hire a professional when it comes to building, hosting and maintaining their website.

According to UpCity, “69% of U.S. businesses have websites. Out of the 32% of companies that don't, 31% of them are planning to build websites in the near future to reach their customers better.” It’s also not surprising that digital ads now surpass traditional marketing efforts. So - before you begin trying to build/launch a website yourself, do you really want to go the DIY route - OR would you rather hire a professional to customize your website that will reach its maximum potential?

Before you go further down the DIY website path, ask yourself these questions:

1. If my website has issues or crashes, do I know the person that is going to fix it? Are they located in my town, state, COUNTRY?

2. Can I access my website through a backdoor which allows me to upload new content?

3. Do I know who is hosting my site? Do I know WHERE it is being hosted?

4. Who can change my logo or create and design a new marketing plan?

5. Is my website maximized for google?

6. Is my website secure?

7. Does my site have enough information to compel someone to take the next step: send a question, purchase something online, come to my store?

8. Is my website cluttered, confusing, hard to navigate?

9. Does my site look good? Is it attractive? Inviting?

According to Clique, “75% of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks.” A report published by Stanford found that three-quarters of people judge a company by their web design. Clique also notes that “94% of people say web design is the reason they mistrust a website.” Bottom line - for your website to be legit, it has to be designed well. This will lead to trust and the credibility you need. 

Why Roll the Dice?

It’s one thing to build a website, and yet another to have a site that can be found. YOU NEED TO BE DISCOVERABLE in search engine results (SEO). Did you realize that  93% of online experiences start with a search engine? Nearly half of these searches are for local businesses. If your website is “SEO” optimized, consumers will be able to find and connect with your business.

VisionAmp - No Risk Solution

VisionAmp is definitely your answer when it comes to building a website that works. We are also locally owned and operated, complete with an amazing, talented staff that works extremely hard to make your website dreams come true. Why take the risk? Call 870.580.0909 today or visit us at

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