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Artificial Intelligence & Web Development
Artificial Intelligence & Web Development
April 8, 2023
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Like it or not, the use of artificial intelligence and other virtual assistants have infiltrated our world. Types of AI technology, such as Siri and Alexa for example, are beneficial in helping us complete tasks in ways that were never possible. These types work in connection with other devices, communicating and controlling everything from sending texts, manipulating smart home features, search for music, play music, translate languages - to retrieving most any information you would need from the internet. Artificial intelligence is here to stay.

Some apparent questions include:

  • What role in website development will this/does AI technology play?

  • Is it already being used to create content/write code? 

  • Is it dangerous? 

  • Is AI poised to replace humans in the workforce?

  • Will AI take over web development?


To begin with, artificial intelligence is already being used across the web development industry. It is proving to be an amazing ASSISTANT when completing complex tasks in an expedited fashion. (NOTE: the word “assistant” probably best describes the use of AI - especially here at VisionAmp)

AI is changing the game. But, before you become alarmed, here is some helpful information to know as the world prepares for, and adjusts to, this next generation of automated technology.

Coding Assistance

Many AI programs actually assist programmers by suggesting lines of the code that are being worked on. But, according to OpenAI, for example, “Most artificial intelligent programs have only a 37% chance of getting its code completely correct.” While this is the case, it does produce enough information that makes it easier and faster for programmers. Note that this does not replace the human factor - as mistakes in the code have to be noticed and corrected. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improved

If you’ve ever taken a dive into SEO, you’ve discovered that it can be quite exhausting! Determining the right keywords and phrases can cost you lots of time spent in research. But the use of an SEO AI such as can turn the lengthy process into a quick and simple one. It can provide the main information you need - titles, keywords, phrases and more. Obtaining this information quickly will help you develop the content you need. The goal, of course, is to craft the content in such a way that google will rank you towards the top.

Has AI Replaced Humans in Web Development?

The answer is NO. This isn’t going to happen any time soon, if ever. AI just cannot accurately cover all of the bases simply because it is not human. It is only a tool that can assist developers in website development and other projects. AI creates solutions that are based on data and not on human experience, training and individual creativity. 

AI is just one more item in the technological toolbox.

The Use of Chatbots

When you log on to many websites, you are greeted by a chatbot. These helpful AI plugins can provide many answers to common questions, plus they are able to direct you to the right department/person you are wanting to talk with. These bots can handle many types of queries, and act as a first point of contact before one of your staff answers the phone. This can free up your employees to focus on more complex questions and other things that the bot can’t answer. Like it or not, many people actually prefer the quick, anonymous connection - especially when the answer can be delivered quickly and correctly.

We are not Vision AI mp

At VisionAmp, we provide the human interface your website needs to become successful. While we do leverage beneficial technological tools, you are more than a computerized digit or number. We aren't just another web design agency. We don't tell you what you need, throw you under the table, and move on to the next client. We are here for you, ready to dive into your brand, address your needs, and provide you with a product that will last.

Give us a call and discover how affordable we are, how talented we are, and how we are the best solution when it comes to building a website that works! 870.580.0909 

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