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Four Signs That You Need Help With Your Website
Four Signs That You Need Help With Your Website
May 8, 2023
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Like it or not, most websites fail to deliver like they were expected to. Many were quick startup attempts, using templates and other canned options that just fall short most of the time. Believe it or not, more and more people are hiring a professional web development company to not only jump start their site, but to help take their business to the next level. AND did you know that it’s not as expensive as you think? 

It may be that you’ve got it covered and your online presence is cooking with gas. But if any of these four things can be said of your site, you may need help as well.

1. I’ve seen this before.

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If you want to have a successful website, it has to stand out from the crowd. It just cannot blend in. This is why the template/DIY route is just not as productive as you would think. With more and more online competition, you HAVE to stand head and shoulders above everyone else. How do you do this? 

The first step is to ask yourself can you really do this yourself? Is building and maintaining a website one of your strengths? Many businesses just can’t afford to hire more staff to manage your website. This is why hiring a company like VisionAmp can help you achieve many goals with one swing. We bring so many skills to the table it’s ridiculous.

  • Logo and graphic design - from business cards and websites, to billboards and more
  • A resource with fresh and innovative ideas
  • In house website creation and development
  • Up to date on website trends and techniques
  • Writing capabilities that focus on your business and brand
  • In house management of websites we build - including hosting, security and more

2. I can’t find your website!

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Imagine pulling into a neighborhood the size of a million football fields, and every house is built the same way. How hard would it be to find where you wanted to go? Many websites fall into this category. They get lost in the crowd, lacking attention to search engine optimization, ignoring what google is looking for in order to rank your site near the top of search results. AND once you do jump through these hoops, things can change on a dime. Keywords change, trends change, expectations change. 

By utilizing the resources a website company can provide makes all the difference in the world. Our clients are constantly recognizing the increased traffic and increased sales as a direct result of our intentional detailing of each and every site we build and maintain.

3. I struggle to keep the content fresh.

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Maintaining fresh content on your site is critical. There are basically two reasons this can be hard to do when dealing with many companies. Difficult access and website limitations. So many times we hear our clients complain that their old website provider/developer did not have “backdoor” access that was user friendly. Once they did find a way in, many times they discovered that there were so many restrictions, leaving room for only making minor changes. 

We realize that keeping your site fresh and current is key. There are so many options that are available to our customers that allow as little or as much access as they desire in order to upload new content. 

4. Who is hosting my site? Who do I call for help?

Have you ever experienced frustration talking to customer service, only to realize you were speaking to someone either out of state - or even out of country? Many people experience this problem when it comes to knowing who is hosting your website, where it’s being hosted, and WHO you call when there’s an issue.

VisionAmp is right here in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Our staff lives and works here each and every week. If there is a problem, you call us and we can address your concerns fast and furious. We do not build a boat and wish our clients a safe journey on the internet ocean. We are in the boat with you. You don’t have to stay lost!

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At VisionAmp we believe that success is FOUND in the wake of transparency and in the shadow of a real person that truly and genuinely takes interest and stock in the success of the client. We have a plan. We can provide a pathway OUT of the crowd. We are committed to deliver tangible value, honor our promises, own up to our mistakes, continually push the limits of our talent, treat people with the same respect that we wish to be treated, never forgetting where we came from and what we believe, and always have a clearly defined plan to get where we are going. 

Give us a call today! 870.580.0909

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