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The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins
May 26, 2023
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According to Wikipedia, The Seven Deadly Sins (also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins), is a grouping and classification of things God is said to dislike. While web development and this list of sins are totally different things, we have seen over the years that there are at least seven things that can stump, if not kill, any website. All it takes is just ONE of these “sins” to cause your business to experience slowing growth, difficulty, and possibly even the death of your dream. 

Next month we will discuss the “Seven Wonders of the Web” - but for now, let’s deal with the tough ones. Here we go:

1. Yada Yada Yada Sin

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This is the website where there is just too much babbling going on. We aren’t going to name names or point fingers, but we all have landed on these sites where there is just WAY too much unnecessary information. You get lost in the muck, finding yourself drowning in a sea of nothingness! Your website needs to be crafted in such a way as to provide just enough information, leaving the reader wanting more, exploring more, ordering more :) 

2. Cricket Sin

This is the OPPOSITE of the Yada Yada Yada. This is the site where there’s absolutely nothing informative, or hardly anything at all to peak interest. To establish credibility, any website needs content that urges one to explore and interact. VisionAmp provides full service to clients who are either starting from scratch or are wanting a rebuild. In both cases, we’ve learned from experience how to say just enough without saying too much. 

3. No Call To Action Sin

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It is the goal of every website to get visitors to take action and do something about what they’re viewing. The “Call To Actions” (or CTAs) should cause visitors to want more. CTAs should be clear, on point, intentional, using a navigation menu that makes sense. Call them to action!

4. Take the Slow Road Sin

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If anyone lands on your site, only to find it’s the slow road to China, they’re gone in an instant. It goes without saying how this impacts your business. How a website is developed, designed and built is key to how fast or slow the entire site will be. Tips include:

  • Compress images
  • Remove anything unnecessary
  • Better to have more short pages as opposed to one long one
  • Utilize code that is self supporting, not relying on external sources
  • Avoid anything that takes too much bandwidth
  • Use a fast server

5. You Can’t Find Me Sin

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Imagine pulling into a neighborhood the size of a million football fields, and every house is built the same way. How hard would it be to find where you wanted to go? Many websites fall into this category. They get lost in the crowd, lacking attention to search engine optimization, ignoring what google is looking for in order to rank your site near the top of search results. AND once you do jump through these hoops, things can change on a dime. Keywords change, trends change, expectations change. 

By utilizing the resources a website company can provide makes all the difference in the world. Our clients are constantly recognizing the increased traffic and increased sales as a direct result of our intentional detailing of each and every site we build and maintain.

6. Old News Sin

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Maintaining fresh content on your site is critical. There are basically two reasons this can be hard to do when dealing with many companies. Difficult access and website limitations. So many times we hear our clients complain that their old website provider/developer did not have “backdoor” access that was user friendly. Once they did find a way in, many times they discovered that there were so many restrictions, leaving room for only making minor changes. 

We realize that keeping your site fresh and current is key. There are so many options that are available to our customers that allow as little or as much access as they desire in order to upload new content. 

7. Don’t Call VisionAmp Sin

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Perhaps the biggest mistake one could make is hiring a company that promises the moon but doesn’t deliver. Benefit from VisionAmp’s experience and let us be your trusted guide on the website development road. Avoid paths that lead to frustration and unfulfilled expectations. We can help you avoid these seven sins (and more), providing you with a plan that leads to success. 

Don’t make the mistake of NOT calling us. 870.580.0909

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