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SERIES: Your website isn’t working because…#2 NO CLEAR CALLS-TO-ACTION

Greg Alexander | Websites | April 13, 2017

Although your website may have a professional, eye-catching design and a quality user experience, it still may not be enough to work the way in which it was intended. Having little details such as a clear call-to-action on your main pages can drastically influence the number of leads your receive from your website. 


What is a call-to-action or CTA? Just as the name suggests, it is a call for potential clients to take action. 

Have you ever visited a website offering to send you a sample of their new product, a coupon, entry into a webinar, access to a new e-book? If so, then you have experienced a call-to-action first hand.  


In order to keep your business operating smoothly, your business must keep obtaining leads and turn them into customers. The primary goal of a business website is to capture leads and that is where CTA’s come into play. 

CTA’s keep users focused on an objective and if CTA’s are created correctly, they can generate the “numbers” or the measureable return on your investment. 

Here are some other questions to consider when looking at the CTA’s on your website. 

What is the primary purpose for your website? 

What action would you want every visitor to take? 

Does this desired action stand out above everything else on the website? Is there a way to measure this action?


VisionAmp Marketing is not only experienced in building websites, but we stay on top of website trends to make sure you are in not just in the game but winning the game. 

If your website isn’t producing the leads you thought it would at the beginning, give us a call today to see how making changes will make your website work.