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Series: Your website isn’t working because…#4 NO LEAD CAPTURE

Greg Alexander | Web Design | May 07, 2018


In simple terms, lead capturing is guiding visitors to information they have come to your website to obtain. And in exchange for receiving such information as a helpful guide or a useful article, users provide their name and email address. For example, when users visit, they can download a FREE e-book to learn how to gain customers on Facebook by giving VisionAmp their name and email address.  We now have a lead, and they have something they can use to market their business.

How do we get users to give us this information?  Through design, and by strategically placing calls-to-action on our homepage, users are drawn to the “Download Our Guide” or “Free E-book" buttons. With a click of the mouse, our business now has the contact information of someone who is truly interested in our product.  After all, they were willing to exchange their email for it!   

But why do we want these names and emails? This specific information can now be used to market to potential clients who have shown an interest in what we have to offer.  Email campaigns that offer deals and specials, news and events, and other information will keep YOUR business top of mind when the time comes to buy or contact you.  


A more important question is why have a website if it doesn’t work? Without lead capture, your site can't be working to its full potential for you. Some people are under the assumption that putting up a pretty website will instantly attract more business. WRONG! There is no doubt that a website gives those searching for your products and/or services information about your business, but if you do not have lead capture in place, then you're missing the first step to CAPITALIZING on your website. 

But don't forget, it's up to YOU to follow up and USE the leads you get from your site.  Email, call or contact your leads, otherwise, they are useless. 


We are experts at lead capturing and the next steps to helping you secure more customers through your website.  

We make SURE that our client websites are working and capturing the leads they need to keep their business moving forward.


If you are ready to take your website to the next level and begin seeing a boost in business, give VisionAmp a call today at 855-862-5491 or visit our website at to learn more about the incredible services we offer.