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Is Your Business Ready for Generation Z?
Is Your Business Ready for Generation Z?
May 7, 2018
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Are you ready to market and sell to the next generation? Move over Millennials, there is a new generation moving up in the world and they are taking over and changing everything you think you know about running a successful business.

Check out how Generation Z is already making an impact on the world and how you can make changes in your business now to stay in the game later.

Generation Z (also known as iGen or Gen Z) is composed of those born roughly between the mid-1990s to about 2010. This generation is known for not knowing of a time without social media or high-speed internet. They have always been able to connect with family and friends regardless of distance and make purchases of their favorite items online with a click.

This generation is so vastly different from other generations due to a number of factors such as their access to technology, how they are being raised, higher levels of technology, and more. However, the one thing that stands out the most is how many in this generation are not waiting around for certain milestones in their life, such as high school graduation, in order to move forward. There are many who have started their own businesses in consulting, design, gaming, and more while they are in high school or in their first years of college. This determination and focus to get in the game have several pondering on what kind of employees and consumers Generation Z will become.
Gen Z Mobile User
Previous generations purchased items and services based on the brand. The belief was that a large, successful company created better, high-quality products and services. And for many in the older generations, it’s really hard to break away from a brand name that you rely on and trust. However, we know that with today’s advances in technology that it is possible for less well-known brands to provide better quality. If mom and pop businesses are ready to stand up and give these soon to be mega consumers the time, effort, and quality they desire, then big box stores may be the ones in trouble.

From your website to your Facebook page to your brick and mortar storefront, GenZer’s want to see that your business is putting in the effort on all fronts to gain their business. 

If you are not on social media, then you don’t exist to the up and coming generation. This group of young adults has spent their entire lives creating their social identity. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can find out a lot about their likes, dislikes, and who they are as a person and as a brand.

When it comes to impressing this group and gaining their business, it is important that you are ACTIVE on at least one channel of social media. It is not good enough to just put in the basic information and call it a day. The younger generation uses social media, especially Facebook, like it is the Yellow Pages. When they come to your Facebook page, they are looking for basic information and level of engagement. If you haven’t posted anything in a year, then it looks like you don’t care about your business. Try posting at least once a week with a tip, product, or service you offer in order to stay current.
A social media presence is important.
Don’t think of these tips as making more work for yourself. In fact, tackling your social media presence and increasing the quality of your products and services is only going to make your business better. And when it comes to creating a quality brand that several generations can enjoy, VisionAmp has you covered.

At VisionAmp, we are more than stunning websites that work. We can also help you get your social media presence up running so that you are not left out when GenZer’s take over. We offer several content marketing services such as blog writing, YouTube campaign management, Facebook posts and ad campaign management, and more.

If you feel like you need help with your social media presence or need help improving your social brand, give us a call today at (870) 580-0909. 

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