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Read the Sign and Redesign
Read the Sign and Redesign
August 23, 2022
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Why should you consider redesigning your website? Glad you asked! Most people build it and trust that people will come to the site. That may initially be the case, but the typical pattern is that people will launch a new site and that site stays the same, untouched way for YEARS. Some will actually break this trend and update a picture or some type of content on occasion, but for the most part their site looks the same, reads the same, smells the same.


If your website hasn’t been touched in months, it is displaying signs to everyone that say: “Boring,” “Go Away,” “Look At My Competitor’s Site Instead” and more. Take note and decide to make changes today! Fresh content with a fresh look shows the world that something new and exciting is happening in your neck of the woods. The more you feed your site, the more traffic you’ll see - online and in the store. This is called growth! People will begin to expect something new from your company and will keep coming back for more. 

In addition to content, lots of people change the look and feel of their website, giving it a fresh look and feel. This can be minor, but it can also be a total overhaul. If you’re comfortable doing a redesign yourself, go for it. BUT if you would rather spend more time in other areas of your business that need attention, let the pros at VisionAmp go to work for you. 

At VisionAmp, we aren't just another web design agency. We don't tell you what you need, throw you under the table, and move on to the next client. We are here for you, ready to dive into your brand, address your needs, and provide you with a product that will last. We've built a few sites (close to 1000) and we know what works. Our designs, site structure, font choices, logo all works together for easy navigation, appeal, and conversion. Every single thing we do, right down to the last title tag, is built using our industry knowledge, experience and insight. We believe your website should be the hub of all marketing. 

So - are you ready to go next level? Give us a call today at 870.580.0909 and let’s take down the “Go Away” signs from your website. It’s time for something new. We do new very well!

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