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4 Reasons Why You Need a Website Even if You Don't Have Online Sales
4 Reasons Why You Need a Website Even if You Don't Have Online Sales
September 28, 2022
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Everyone’s talking about having an online presence these days. So - what’s the big deal? And should every business have a website even if they aren’t selling online? In the good ole days, word of mouth was all you needed. Is that still enough?

Glad you asked! 

To begin with, today’s world and today’s customers are not the same as they were, even 10 years ago. Perhaps less. The majority of people in 2022 have been groomed, and are now accustomed to checking out your website before stepping foot in your brick and mortar business. They’ll check out the food menu, or what services you provide, how long you’ve been in business, are you family owned, where you are located and more.


If you have a website, realize that everything will eventually point back to your website. The question now is, “Do you have one?” According to UpCity, “69% of U.S. businesses have websites. Out of the 32% of companies that don't, 31% of them are planning to build websites in the near future to reach their customers better.”

It’s also not surprising that digital ads now surpass traditional marketing efforts. So - before you begin trying to build/launch a website yourself, do you really want to go the DIY route - OR would you rather hire a professional to customize your website that will reach its maximum potential? Having a strong website is key - AND it can be very affordable. This is where VisionAmp comes into the picture. Your picture.

Here are four reasons we feel you need a website:


According to Clique, “75% of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks.” A report published by Stanford found that three-quarters of people judge a company by their web design. Clique also notes that “94% of people say web design is the reason they mistrust a website.” Bottom line - for your website to be legit, it has to be designed well. This will lead to trust and the credibility you need. 

According to Taylor & Francis Online,  “It takes about 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion on your website.” That’s 0.05 seconds. If your design isn’t wow-ing them within that tiny timeframe, they’ll form a negative opinion about your “non-legit” website and hit the exit button, often in favor of a competitor who has a better website design than yours.


If you’ve ever tried to “Find Waldo” with your kids, you know how frustrating it can be. In the same light, your website does not need to be a “Where’s  Waldo” experience for those who are looking for you. YOU NEED TO BE DISCOVERABLE in search engine results (SEO). Did you realize that  93% of online experiences start with a search engine? Nearly half of these searches are for local businesses. If your website is “SEO” optimized, consumers will be able to find and connect with your business. 

3. 24/7

Regardless of the quality of your website, you are throwing your business out there 24/7/365, for richer or poorer, for better or worse. When you lock the front door and go home for the evening, your store is not closed if you are online. You want a website that works for you around the clock. Just because your staff goes home, you can still remain open for business. Contacts can still be gathered, information can be shared, products can be sold. You can actually give potential customers a sense of what it feels like to be in your physical location!

Earthweb research has found that “The average American spends 23 hours a week using social media, texting, and emailing. This means that they spend almost 14% of their total week on the Internet.” These times are spread out over a 24 hour period. So - if you want to be open during the times when most people are spending their extra time, your website needs to be built the right way, right away! Your website is your digital business card!


This one almost goes without saying - but we have to say it: “If you build it, they will come.” The majority of the websites that we have launched have seen immediate growth once they go online. 100% of these small business owners we have worked with will recommend that your business have a website. Your growth will also be based on how fresh your content is. If you just build it and leave it, it can die. For anything to grow it has to be fed. VisionAmp designs our websites to where you can have backdoor access to upload, change, edit, keeping it updated as needed!

With so many options out there, why miss the chance at having the best website possible? Really stand out in the digital era by focusing on providing the best website you can afford. VisionAmp Web Design is a full-service company providing a wide range of services, including building amazing websites, and helping businesses build their overall brand and their targeted clientele. To view examples, check out our portfolio where you will see a wide range of websites that we have built from the ground up. Now is the time. Give us a call or come see us today!

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