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Up Your Game
Up Your Game
November 4, 2022
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In a recent staff meeting our VisionAmp staff was interrupted by a contractor who was here to help with some office renovations we were doing at the time. On his way out he asked, “Just what do you guys do?” One of our team members said, “We build websites that work!” The contractor replied, “Well that makes a lot of sense! Plain, simple, easy to understand!”

And that’s exactly what we do - build websites that work! 

So many websites get bogged down with complicated templates, confusing navigation menus - basically built with unnecessary rabbit holes that are nonproductive, leading to nowhere.

You can look at the websites we’ve created over the years and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Our sites are intentional, attractive, to the point, and designed to help each business to rise to more productive levels. Some of these include Spartan Mowers, Vexus Boats, ASU Mountain Home, Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce, eNVy Neighborhood Vehicles, Kidspiration Pediatric Therapy Services, Ozark Surgical Group, FLIFT America, White River Fly Guide, Gregory Company and literally hundreds more!


1. Does my website accurately describe me and my company?

People who stumble onto your website shouldn’t have to become a detective to figure out what’s what and where to go. It should be obvious that when someone lands on your site that it is exactly what they were looking for. Using clear descriptions, including meta descriptions, will help attract more visitors, and subsequently more customers. Your descriptions should be concise, and should adhere to your brand, mission, etc.

2. Is my website easy to navigate?

There should be clear links to the most important pages on your website. An up-to-date site map will help them navigate more easily. Lay the site out clearly and logically. Using dropdown menus in the navigation menu will help the visitor see the most important content under every heading regardless of where they are on your site. The key is to make it extremely easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for.

3. Does my website have contact information that is easy to find?

You would be surprised at how difficult it is to find the contact information on many websites. Losing a customer to a competitor just because your contact info is hidden is not the path to success. Not every visitor on your site will have the patience to click through every page to find the contact info. Include your contact information on every page - possibly in the footer or on the sidebar. Consider including several ways for them to contact you - email, phone number, etc.

4. Does my website contain obvious “call to actions?”

Think of every user that finds your website as a potential customer in search of information that you are responsible for providing. Let the visitors know what YOU want them to know, doing so in a clear, specific manner. Some may want to browse around while others are ready to buy, call, or sign up. Either way, we need to be ready for all types of interactions that you may encounter. VisionAmp can help you determine the 3 - 4 main calls-to-action, set goals, and measure the performance of the next 120 days. 

Call-to-action examples:

5. Does my website have fresh, new content with a backdoor that allows me to have access?

Most people will check out your website before stepping foot in your physical door (if you have one). Regardless of their level of education, most people are becoming quite the expert on what a good website looks like, as well as how it performs/delivers. This is their first impression of you and the company. Give them what they are looking for right away - AND give them a reason to come back. The best way to accomplish this is to provide daily/weekly content that is fresh, current, and informative. Being consistent with social media, as well as possible blog posts will be helpful. Don’t let anything become stale on your site!


At VisionAmp we are extremely passionate about making your website work for you. That is why we are relentless in the pursuit of a well optimized, converting website. Your website should be a salesperson that is working 24/7 for your business.

Since 2007, our award-winning company has helped hundreds of businesses grow and acquire more customers by simply building websites that work! We take great pride in being transparent, affordable and ridiculously good at what we do. For more information give us a call at 870.580.0909, or email us at Let our professionals help you up your game in 2023!

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